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Seemless Remastered + Bonus Demos. All demos are various unfinished tracks written around the time of Seemless & have not been mixed or mastered so sound quality is not perfect. Demos are available for download with the full album only


released May 3, 2012

All songs written by INURE except Stinkfist by Tool
Seemless Mastered by Ted Phelps



all rights reserved


INURE Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Ground Zero
Under a different circumstance
Could change a path left to chance

Drifting slowly through a phase
That captures like a passing face
Falling in and out of place
Among the clouded dreams
Of what is this and why are we
Questions still remain
To Lead into a new confine
Let slipping hearts
Mask meeting minds
In a place that will find
What happens for a reason
Track Name: Malediction
Burden brought as eyes open
Helpless to conceive
Infested with another one
Fear will sew the seed
A pet for immortality
Polluting and diseased
Spreading human waste
We're our own enemies

An infantile longing
Distaste for what I've seen
Forcing this unchanging
Misanthropy in me

Collective fools like carnivores
Preaching humanity
Corrupt and plastic
Just watered down
To broadcast on tv

You're all the same
It's how you're trained
Survival is the key
To be productive members
Of some fucked society

An infantile longing
Distaste for what I've seen
Forcing this unchanging
Misanthropy in me

In this space
A dying world
Technology can't free
Forcing this unchanging
Misanthropy in me
Track Name: Daar Staan Hy
Thoughts of what tomorrow brings
Keeping in a lucid state
A sleep of dreams that might awaken
Cannot put the mind to rest
In and out of words unspoken
Drifts across my eyes
Wondering what will be
And where my standing lies

There he stands
Her eyes behold
Without words to unfold
fate that grips
A warming cold
Left in time to be told

Face captures turning thoughts
Open dreams to a part
Asleep in arms wrapped softly
To shiver in content

Fate that grips
A warming cold
Left in time to be told
There he stands
Her eyes behold
Without words to unfold
Track Name: Collapse
There we laid
A shadow that remains
Lost in my head
Tormenting my dreams

One last kiss
Go now don't look back
I'll keep this
Void inside of me

Promises are empty words
Filling hope with some absurd
Notion that we live to love

Carry hearts on a sleeve
To pretend, then to leave
Left behind nothing more
Than emotion to abhor

Pictures scarred in the mind
Break the wall
You will find
Locked away deep inside
Only way for pain to hide

Can't escape the way I feel
Don't know if this thing is real
Left it rotting in my head
There too long
Now I'm dead
Track Name: Condition
Dreams fake awaken
Trapped and shifting
Slowly losing finds
Nothing left to learn

Tortured soul
The mind it aches
Scratching til it bleeds
Detatch the chord of strings
This freedom so enslaving

Consuming reverie
Spoils sense of worth
Diseased with life expectance
Implicitly confined
In dissension of
A meaningful existence
Falling from belief
And insecure in hope

We are empty vessels
Sifting through a reason
Living lifeless virtue
We all perish
With rotting minds
So apathetic

Nothing matters anymore
There never was a god
To whore out to save us
From ourselves

Following a path
Complacently defined
As sheep we are refined
Track Name: Contort
Emptiness enables me
To treat new passing time
Questions raised to truth witheld
Draw pain that isnt mine
Bereft my insides bury words
Tormented in the mind
Strive to reach wisps of fate
Cleansed of what's behind

A shell repeating patiently
A face that cannot hide
Relations to a consequence
To say I havent tried

Lines cut across my face
Hide to stop this kill embrace
Had the chance but lived a lie
Hate the truth now what am I

Mirrors chase this misery
Rotting here inside of me
Bleeding out now
How can it be

Sinking in an unrelenting
Complacent yet unnerving
Figment of imagination
Persistent in accumulating
Nothing worth contemplation
Accepting perception
As seeming an existence
Track Name: Freeze
Shapes, forms, take position,always, hiding next to me
Relentless in my decisions
Looking for a past so hard to reach
Jilted light lay path to reason
What is it I seek to find
Will I ever know, or will it grow
This path that has erased
All traces of time...

I can see, the hollow light
The space in your eyes that reflects on the rise
Of your dreams, to breathe me
Unfolding back like the sense of duration
Underlines I revelate to perpetuate these perceptions of the skyline,
Directions end
Reveals the dimensions of the trapped light shifting through
Perceptions again and again

Resurrect your fears, to seperate your mind from where the body lies
Repeat the cycle, forever is a second to resurrect your fears
Seperate your thoughts
From all that time divides
Forever is an instant

Moving toward uncertainty, unawareness of self
In doubt of what completes me, synchronicity
Call it to be, our unison in motion reflects
This fixation riddles out all emotions as I watch from entropy..
Watch the universe stop in your eyes I hope to find reflections of myself
Before you freeze
Track Name: Again
I will shake until I tremble
This whole knee deep in shit
Scaring what is left of fear
Left it here wide open
Too sure the pieces fit together
What is left to chance but
Leaving it to bitter questions

Empty dead end gestures
Bring us back around again
Nothing left to reason
Only what you can't deny

So stand up and take what's coming
We're all afraid of pain
Waiting for a reoccurance
To jade it all again

A bitter date of consequence
Ennui averting eyes
Within time it all comes back
We wait to hide our lies

Shrouding what enables me
Killing distant vain
Yield to what is tainted
To jade it all again